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The e-Franchise


The Proposal
KLF Fashions are seeking Online Franchisee opportunities for potential existing online e-trading business platforms to develop and establish a Franchise E Shop within a Shop.
KLF Franchisee candidates will enter into a Franchise Agreement covering the use and conversion of established web based sales platforms in the Ladies Fashion Accessories Industry.

There will be 3 E-Franchise Contract Options covering:
SILVER OPTION with up to 500 SKU’s available in the Shop
GOLD OPTION with up to 1,000 SKU’s available in the Shop
PLATINUM OPTION with over 1,500 SKU’s available in the Shop

Under the terms of the Franchise Agreement, KLF will operate as the Franchisor and the Prospect will act as the Franchisee. The Contract will be conditional upon the following:-

A two year renewable contract
The Franchise Fee for the 2 year period (payable in advance) will be between US$ 2,000.00 and US$ 4,000.00 depending on selection of service.
Franchise Royalty of 3% of Gross Sales (RRP Values)
Franchise Advertising Royalties of 1% of Gross Sales (RRP Values)

The Franchisor will develop the Shop Site Within the Site
The Franchisor will administrate the site and oversee all Franchisee Requirements, discount advertisements and alike.
The Franchisor will regularly update the franchise shop with new product and advise the Franchisee accordingly.
The Franchisor will operate a POS System as part of the service support and link to the Franchisee.
The Franchisor will sell the products to the Franchisee at the prevailing export prices and fix the RRP’s.
The Franchisee will receive payment for any sales within 3 days from the close of business at each month end.
The Franchisor will dispatch goods from Malaysia as per the confirmed order placed.
The Franchisor will dispatch goods within 3 to 5 working days from the date of a confirmed order.
The Franchisee will sell the products at the RRP’s as provided by the Franchisor.
The Franchisor will accept orders through the site purchasing module and via the payment gate for Paypal and Credit Cards inclusive of minimum values and delivery costs. The Franchisor will be solely responsible for the settlement of all delivery costs.
The Franchisor will make payment to the Franchisee within 3 days from the month end closure.
The Franchisee will bear the costs associated to providing discounts, purchase treats, bundles or sale offers in respect of the product. The Franchisee will make category reference to the KLF Shop and will assist in providing the link.
The Franchisee will notify in advance any changes to the web site platform which may have an effect on the performance of the KLF Shop.

After exchange of contract and Management Fee payment, the Franchise will come into effect.
KLF will communicate directly to the Franchisee’s web site developer to obtain source codes, links and assistance to host the KLF Shop.
KLF will install the Standard Graphics Package and designs with category reference, then arrange the link between the Host Site and
Once this has been done we will link the KLF Franchise Shop to the Host Site main category tool bar.
All payment for the supply of goods through the payment gateway will be organised to be paid directly into the Franchisor’s bank account.
The KLF Fashions POS System will automatically advise each Franchisee by link or email on the sale of product on a daily basis.
The Franchisee will provide to the Franchisor a nominated account number to make direct payment at the month end.
The Franchisor will provide to the franchisee a monthly revenue statement less any agreed fees and charges.
The Franchisor will invoice for goods in the currency of the country and the Franchisor is going to export sales in US$.

All terms and conditions are in accordance to the Standard Franchise Agreement will be provided upon approval of the Franchise Application Document.
Franchisees can upgrade their e-franchise package at any time during the contract period.
For overseas orders the minimum order value is US$50.00
Interested Franchisees can obtain the main category listings in accordance to the Service Options.


● No Capital Investment or Expenditure
● The franchise is for 2 years and renewable at half the License Fee
● The Franchisee can upgrade his option at any stage during his contract on a pro-rata basis

● Only a small License Fee is required :-

  1. Silver Option: US$ 2000 for 24 months (500 SKU’s)

  2. Gold Option: US$ 3000 for 24 months (1000 SKU’s)

  3. Platinum Option: US$ 4000 for 24 months (1500 SKU’s)

● The Principle Franchisee can open other sub contract accounts at a second level at half the License Fee per shop

● The Franchisee will gross 40% of the online retail price

● The Franchisee has no Trade Creditors or 3rd Party Costs

● The Franchisee only pays the Franchisor 4% of the RRP Price

● The Franchisor stocks, supplies and arranges delivery of all orders

● The Franchisor Manages and Administrates the Host Site

● The Franchisor sends to the Franchisee a statement of sales less costs at the end of each month

● The Franchisor deposits funds into the Franchisee’s nominated account on the following 3rd of each month end closure

● The Franchisor as part of the on going service will add advertising banners or promotion details and discounts to the sites

● The Franchisor on a case by case will assist and contribute to any agreed levels of holiday promos and special event discounts

● The Franchisor will link the Franchisee to its POS System and provide on going sales and performance details on a daily basis

● Sometimes, at the discretion the Franchisor, he will participate in on going proposed advertising campaigns and share in such costs

● The Franchisee will assist in ensuring the Host site links can be installed to the main category tool bar 




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